10 great reasons to visit Luso at MedTech Expo

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10  great reasons to visit Luso at Medtech Expo this May.


Award winning technical power specialists Luso are exhibiting at MedTech Expo, 15 to 16th May.

As well as our factory trained power specialists being on hand to discuss your application requirements and advise on solutions, we will have the following wide range of medical grade power products on show.


2:  Alongside which will be the MDP series from Efore; Medical Single output SMPS. From 200 to 1200W this range offers a solution to meet most needs.

The MDP 200 series offer 200W of power in an ultra-compact 2” x 4” package, with 2xMOPP and the latest medical standards it carries a 5-year warranty and efficiencies of over 89%. This unit is available in open frame format or with a protective cover.

The MDP400 series are 94% efficient and come in a variety of formats with & without fitted fans and also an IP67 rates sealed unit. Offering 400W of power with low standby consumption these are ideal power sources for all medical requirements.

The MDP1200 is the latest addition to the series. Offering 1200W of power in a 1U form factor they also offer built-in current sharing and OR-ing for parallel operation.


3:  The recently released  XLM series from N2Power currently has 2 models; XLM240 ,offering 240W in a 2” x 4” package & the XLM500, 500W in a compact 5” x 3” package. Both are available in 3 versions, open frame, U-Chassis and Enclosed with fitted fan. All are available with, 12V, 15V, 24V or 48V outputs. Free samples are available for evaluation of these power dense compact, highly efficient units.


4:  Delta Electronics, arguably the world’s largest power supply manufacturer offer a Wide range of Medical SMPS, from 100W to 1KW. Delta provides high quality power supplies for healthcare and medical applications. Their fast-growing range of standard products includes AC adapters and open-frame models for many applications requiring high reliability and performance.


5:  P-Duke offer board mounted medical grade dc/dc converters, 2W to 30W. The latest addition to the Luso line card. P-Duke offer a range of medical grade products for lower power requirements. All units feature IEC 60601-1 Medical Safety Approvals.


6:  The MCB600/1200 compact configurable power supplies from Efore are probably the most simple modular supply we offer, up to 8 outputs in the 600W version. This compact configurable unit, in a 3” x 5” footprint really is a complete all in one solution with up to 8 outputs on the 600w and 16 on the 1200 W unit, they come with an integrated speed controlled low noise fan. The output modules are rated for 150W, and are available in single nominal output voltages of 5, 12, 24 and 48V, and two double nominal output voltages of 12 and 24V. Thanks to their extremely wide output voltage adjustability range and the possibility to connect modules of the same type in series and parallel, the MCB series offer an unrivalled flexibility.


7:   We support a wide range of medical grade plugtop and desktop adaptors from  Adaptor Tech. They cover a power range from 5W to 300W and offer an incredible choice of output connectors, global power outlets and can also offer custom marking and alternate colour casing if required. If you need a basic power adaptor or something more obscure, we are sure that we can accommodate your needs.


8: Delta, we mentioned them before, the world’s largest power supply manufacturer. Well it wouldn’t be a surprise to know that they also have a medical configurable power supply would it? The MEG 2KW configurable SMPS offers high power in a simple format. The MEG series impresses with its approvals according to UL/IEC60601-1 (medicine), UL/IEC60950-1 (ITE) and 2xMOPP for patient protection in medical application. This unit offers up to 12 outputs varying between2V to 60V @ up to 45A.


9:  We are also supporting the P-Duke: range of open frame medical AC/DC units; 15W to 450W. These include some multi output units which are incredibly versatile and also units that include on board cooling.


10: Did we mention our factory trained technical power specialists are on hand throughout the show? We look forward to meeting you there.

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