N2 Power – 500W AC/DC Converter in a 5″ x 3″ package

The XLM500 Series are a range of high efficiency ITE and Medical Grade switching power supplies which provide up to 93% efficiency. This unique design reduces energy consumption and generates less wasted heat. It requires little forced air cooling and decreases AC loads, resulting in greater economy of operation

Our state of the art technology yields a small 5” x 3” footprint, reduces wasted power, and is among the highest power densities available in the market, in the 500W range; exceeding 20 watts per cubic inch. This design brings reduced energy costs, higher reliability and longer product life.

The XLM500 is available in 3 versions, open frame, U-Chassis and Enclosed with fitted fan. All are available with, 12V, 15V, 24V or 48V outputs.


  • ITE & Medical switching power supply
  •  High efficiency up to 93%
  •  P.F.C. function > 0.94
  •  Built-in 12V / 0.3A fan supply on enclosed version
  •  Standby 5V / 1A with fan
  • Open Frame, U-Frame and Enclosed
  • Maximum power: 500W with 30CFM fan
  • 240W with unobstructed convection cooling
  • Remote On/Off function
  • 4000VAC input to output 2XMOPP Insulation
  • 3-year warranty

Models Available

Part NoOutput PowerInput RangeOutput Voltage