UL Approved Magnetic Integrated Connector modules incorporate polarity-friendly diode bridges

by | Jun 20, 2016 | Elec & Eltek, Press release, Security & CCTV

Two new UL-approved Magnetic Integrated Connector (MIC) modules from Elec & Eltek are now available from Luso Electronics. One option uses heat-resistant liquid crystal polymer (LCP) in place of standard plastics. The other RJ45 MIC upgrade integrates a Bridge Diode Array to eliminate polarity issues.

By choosing to upgrade MIC modules using LCP, UK and pan-European customers can benefit from connectors that will survive higher temperatures and potentially remove the need for heat shielding. This upgrade also allows customers to use paste-in-hole (PIH) processing and IR reflow soldering to mount components to a circuit board in a single step, allowing major production savings to be made.

Besides offering resistance to high temperatures, flame retardant LCP delivers better chemical resistance and dimensional stability than standard polymers.

Luso also introduces Elec & Eltek’s RJ45 MIC module, which integrates a Bridge Diode Array to eliminate polarity issues. This is specifically for Power over Ethernet (PoE) and PoE+ applications, where the diode bridge ensures that power that may be received over multiple channels is delivered to powered devices (PDs) with the correct polarity.

These two new introductions from Elec & Eltek join the company’s full range of RJ45 and USB integrated connector modules available to buy from Luso Electronics for evaluation and qualification.

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