Delta 150W 1/8 brick DC/DC converters ideal for applications in harsh conditions

The E35SE series of isolated 150W 1/8 brick dc/dc converters are available in an open frame or enclosed potted case offers a 9-60V input range with single voltage outputs of 5, 12, 24 and 48 v in an industry standard footprint. These versatile units are designed for many applications, industrial and transportation requirements offering [...]

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Delta introduce a new cost effective industrial power supply family – PMT2 Series

The PMT2 series, is the latest series of panel mount power supply from Delta Electronics. This series is currently available in 50W, 100W and 150W output power variants with 12V & 24V output voltage. They offer a wide operating temperature range from -30°C to +70°C and can withstand shock and vibration requirements (in accordance to IEC [...]

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DC/DC Converter with wide input and output range is ideal for battery charging applications.

Luso introduces from Delta Electronics their innovative H60SB0A050 non-isolated DC-DC converter This module is ideal for applications where a regulated output voltage (adjustable) is needed from a widely varied input voltage source. With its 98% conversion efficiency, efficient DC to DC voltage conversion for output power up to 3000W can be achieved. Also, the [...]

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100W & 200W EN50155 certified wide input range dc/dc modules

The H80SV series of dc/dc converters are ideal for many rail applications. Available in 100W & 200W variants, these EN51055 approved DC/DC modules cover a very wide input range, from 16.8V to 137.5V, with outputs of 12V,15V,24V,48V & 54V. Being available in industry standard pin-outs & footprints; the ½ brick modules offer high efficiencies [...]

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Delta launch two new medical AC/DC ranges 600W and 1200W families.

Delta Electronics has launched two new AC/DC power supplies families; designed for use in both medical and industrial applications - the 600W Convection Cooled U-channel MEU series and the 1200W 1U Enclosed MEB series. Both product families come with universal AC input from 85Vac to 264Vac and wide operating temperature of -20°C to +70°C (with full [...]

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Delta’s LNV Series – 320W LED Drivers with IP-67 rating

Waterproof LED drivers added to Delta product range Luso Electronics, a representative for Delta Electronics announce that Delta Electronics have launched the LNV series of LED Driver with wide input voltage (180Vac – 528Vac) and constant current/ constant voltage output. The series of LED drivers with 320W output power comes with 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V output voltages. [...]

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Trio of panel-mount power supplies offer household safety approvals

Luso has announced availability of Delta Electronics’ PMH series of panel-mount power supplies, which offers units with three distinct power ratings of 50, 100 and 200W, specifically designed for electrical appliances such as coffee machines, vending machines and general use in households. The PMH-24V50WCAA, PMH-24V100WCAA and PMH-24V200WCBA are the respective 50, 100 and 200W units, [...]

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Luso expands power portfolio with deal to distribute Delta’s high-efficiency power supplies

Luso Electronics has signed a deal with Delta Electronics to become UK and Ireland distributor for its range of high-efficiency and robust power supplies. In particular, Luso will focus on selling Delta’s open frame and panel mount power supplies suitable for industrial and factory automation applications and high quality power supplies for healthcare and medical [...]

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