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Delta add 3kW unit to their MEG-A configurable series of power supplies

Delta Electronics have announced that they have now added a 3000W output power supply to their MEG-A Configurable Series. The MEG-3K0A9 has 9 module slots, its supplied in a 7” x 10” x 1.59” package with a total output of 3000W and up to 18 different isolated outputs. Each individual output can be configured between 2Vdc [...]

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Delta add 700W 3 Module, 6 Output PSU to their Configurable MEG-A Range.

Delta Electronics’ latest addition to their configurable power supply MEG series is now available! The MEG-700A3 comes with 3 slots in compact size power density of 14.5W/in³ and efficiency up to 93%. The 3 individual modules allow a maximum output of 180W, 300W and 700W respectively. The output voltage can be configured between 2-60V with [...]

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Configurable PSU ideal for Industrial Robotic and Instrumentation Applications

Efore's RCB600 is ideal for many industrial applications that require multiple voltage power inputs such as industrial robots or instrumentation. The RCB600 is a modular, configurable multi-output power solution offering unrivalled performance and flexibility. It is capable of delivering 600W from a 5 × 3” 1U package, and is one of the smallest commercially available [...]

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Multi-output configurable power supply ideal for many industrial applications.

The RCB600 series of 600W Configurable AC/DC switch mode power supplies are ideal for many applications in various industrial environments. These ultra-compact units are designed for high reliability and efficiency. Configurable and scalable solutions, with tight adherence to current safety regulations ensure a quality solution that meets the exact needs of a wide variety [...]

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Delta announce new range of configurable power supplies with 2.1 kW unit

Luso announce that Delta have released their first product in their new range of configurable power supplies designed for both medical and industrial applications. The first release of the MEG series is MEG-2K1A6 with a total output power of 2.1 kW that can support up to 6 isolated outputs. The outputs can be configured between 2Vdc [...]

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Dual output modules expands flexibility of 600W configurable power supplies

Luso Electronics, UK distributor of high input voltage power supplies manufactured by EFORE, announces the release of the company’s newest dual DC output module for the versatile RCB/MCB 600W configurable power supply series, offering a wide voltage adjustability range. The new dual output modules allow the power supplies to double the number of outputs [...]

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Luso opens UK configuration centre for assembly of Enedo power supplies

Luso Electronics, the UK distributor of Enedo Power branded power supplies  has opened a factory-certified configuration centre to enable customers to easily access the configurable RCB series of high input voltage power supplies. Luso will assemble and ship customised power supply orders within 48-hours and, in most cases, modified units will be dispatched the same [...]

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ROAL configurable power supplies from Luso reduce development timescales and cost

Luso Electronics, the UK distributor of high input voltage power supplies manufactured by ROAL Electronics, announces availability of ROAL's configurable RCB Series of power supplies with unrivalled performance, reliability and flexibility due to their high density footprint. ROAL's RCB 600W and 1200W modules are the smallest configurable power supplies in the market. Their ultra-compact size [...]

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