Surge Suppression Modules Enable Simple RIA12 Compliance

by | Jul 31, 2019 | P-Duke, Press release, Rail

The SSM series are surge protection modules. They operate by clamping input surge voltages to a certain level to protect DC/DC converters and also makes them keep working when an input surge occurs.

They are designed for protecting DC/DC modules used for railway applications.

Throughout Europe, electronic equipment in railway applications is governed by two international standards. The general standard quoted is EN50155, however in the U.K. the standard that applies is RIA12.

Whilst these two standards are similar in most respects, the RIA12 standard also requires the equipment to be able to withstand specific power surges. The SSM series are specifically designed to meet this requirement.

There are 3 devices in the family, one for low power circuits covering a power range of up to 20W, then 2 others covering up to 150W and 300W. All cope with a wide voltage input ranges of 43V to 160V.

We can arrange for samples for testing along with matched dc/dc modules for your rail application.


Illustration of how the SSM modules operate


  •  Clamp Input Surge Voltage
  • Standards met RIA12 Surge Susceptibility & NF F 01-510 Surge Susceptibility
  • Input Range: 43-160 VDC
  • 385 VDC Maximum Peak Voltage

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