Specialist dc/dc converters for off-road vehicles powered by batteries

by | Sep 22, 2023 | Automotive, Delta, News, Press release

Designed for use in non- automotive off-road vehicles, these panel-mounted DC/DC converters, the BOX series, have a wide input voltage range of 18-106V and can provide up to 500W, regulated DC output voltage with high efficiency. The power module offers input UVLO, output over current limit, short circuit, output over voltage, over temperature, and input reverse polarity protections. It has an option for integrated fuse holder and enable on/off function. The BOX series also has parallel function; and allows a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +75°C. With specific mating connector, the BOX series can meet IP67 protection. This series is usually applied to non-automotive vehicle such as forklift, golf cart, and other electric industrial and off-road vehicles. All products possess outstanding electrical and thermal performance, as well as high reliability under extremely harsh operating conditions.

Model Information

Part NumberVin RangeVout NominalloutPowerEffISOPackageLxWxH
B40SR1242418 – 6012.42430088.32.25Box190x76x44
B40SR1372218 – 6013.72230088.52.25Box190x76x44
B62SR1242418 – 10612.424300882.25Box190x76x44
B62SR1372218 – 10613.72230088.52.25Box190x76x44
B62SR2412518 – 1062412.5300912.25Box190x76x44
B62SR2401518 – 106241536090.52.25Box190x76x44
B70SP2402032 – 9624.52150091.52.25Box198x113x45
B70SP1373632 – 9613.736.5500902.25Box198x113x45
B70SP1244032 – 9612.440500892.25Box198x113x45
B70SR1242436 – 10612.42430089.52.25Box190x76x44
B70SR1372236 – 10613.72230090.22.25Box190x76x44
B70SR2412536 – 1062412.530092.52.25Box190x76x44

Target Applications

Any off-road vehicles powered by (Li-Ion) batteries such as Handling, Construction, Heavy Machines, Utility Cars/Trucks, Farm & Off-road vehicles…

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