PowerGridM – Stackable Backplane System adds flexibility to Mil Grade Designs

by | Sep 11, 2019 | AJ's Power Source, Military, Press release

The PowergridM Plug & Play modular BackPlane UPS Stacking System Supports the Integration and Stacking of VAC UPS, Battery Expansion, AC to DC Power Supplies and VDC UPS Pluggable Power Modules Into a Single Integrated Power Management System (IPMS).

To provide a highly flexible and robust method for establishing an intelligent and integrated power management system within the space limited confines of portable, shelter, and vehicle based platforms.  AJP’s Power Source Inc. has developed the first Rugged UPS BackPlane Stacking System. This system is based on a Plug-&-Play UPS BackPlane Module (BPM) that consolidates all of the Input/Output power, associated alarm, status, and network connections for the integrated power management stack

The BPM enhances the implementation of integrated stacks by consolidating all of the Input and Output cabling of the power modules into a single I/O structure.

This process significantly reduces the number and amount of cable connections and provides a common set of solid state connections for the integration of the attached power modules within the BackPlane structure. In addition, a multi BackPlane Synchronisation Port has been added to the design to allow multiple BackPlanes to be connected allowing for the creation of 3U, 4U, 5U, 6U, 7U 8U, 9U and 10U stacking configurations.

By stacking UPS modules in a BackPlane configuration, using the PowergridM Load Balancing design, if a unit should fail, the operator is notified via SNMP based network signalling. In an N+1 configuration, the adjacent units load share up to carry the necessary current needed to provide no disruption to the attached equipment.

To allow for a significant reduction in maintenance efforts, the BPM slots are “Hot Swap” allowing for removal and replacement activities regardless of operational mode with little to no system down time. In addition, PowergridM hosts a unique “front access only” design for maintenance. Utilising a stainless steel slip pin design on the rear bracket connections, UPS, BXM, AC/DC or DC power modules can be removed and replaced (Plug-&-Play) from the front of the stack with no rear access required. This requires no system down to perform maintenance. In addition to the consolidation of power I/O connections, BackPlanes can be equipped with Emergency Power Off (EPO) and Primary Power Loss Alarm Port connections. For conservation of battery energy, several implementation methods are available to provide forced power shedding of non-critical connections.

To learn more about the technology implemented in these product and discuss how this can be utilised in your product design; contact our specialists for more information.

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