N2Power has recently launched a new family of 2” x 4” 240W Medical grade power supplies. The XLM240 family has 3 variants; open frame, U chassis and a fully enclosed unit including a fan.

These units provide up to 94% efficiency and their unique design reduces energy consumption and requires little forced air cooling, resulting in greater economy.

The XLM family are certified for both Medical and ITE applications; EN60601 3.1 edition and EN60950. The standard units are fitted with screw terminals and there is a variant with pin terminals as an alternative if that is more suitable for your application.

These units provide a maximum power of 240W with a 10CFM fan or alternatively up to 160W with convection cooling. The medical certified units are graded as 2 X MOPP and suitable for BF applications. Output voltages available are 12V, 15V, 24V and 48V variants.