N2Power safety covers, enclosures and bespoke power supply solutions available

by | Apr 29, 2014 | N2Power, Press release

Luso Electronics announces the availability of N2Power’s latest range of safety covers and universal enclosures along with bespoke power supply module solutions.

California-based N2Power develops and manufactures ultra-compact and efficient open-frame switching power supplies based on patented technology. The N2Power product range includes AC-DC and DC-DC power supply models rated from 125 to 375 watts. The N2Power supplies are engineered for applications where cost, space, packaging, electrical consumption and heat dissipation are important considerations. Applications for the power supplies include servers and routers, switches and telecom equipment, RAID storage and other processor-based equipment. All N2Power power supplies incorporate active Power Factor Correction (PFC) technology and meet a full range of international agency requirements, including RoHS, UL, DEMKO, CE Mark and FCC Class B.

Safety covers are optional on XL125, XL160, XL275 and XL375 AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies. A universal enclosure option is available for XL125, XL160, XL275 and XL375 AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies.

Luso is also emphasising that customers in the UK and Ireland can gain advantage from N2Power mechanical engineering expertise and manufacturing resources in delivering tailored products and systems to improve their competitiveness. Typical modifications are raising or lowering the output voltages in single output and multi-output units, increasing the isolation voltage, adding conformal coatings and different connectors or wiring to meet customers’ specific requirements.

“A customer in the gaming industry recently requested power supplies for N+1 operation in a custom enclosure designed to directly replace an antiquated module. The new drop-in replacement from N2Power was significantly more functional and reliable” explained David Zelkha, managing director of Luso Electronics.

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