In a recent discussion with Randy Johnson VP Sales of N2Power we discussed how they were moving into the arena of “Value Added Manufacturing”. For many years N2Power have offered the facility to customers of modifications to their standard power supplies at low min quantities of around 250 pieces. These modifications are such as an alternate voltage from standard, change in output connectors etc.

From working with a few key customers initially; N2 created a custom unit for an OEM in the gaming industry, which incorporated 2 standard N2 units into a custom enclosure to match their previous used supply, this gave the customer the improved performance of the N2 units without having to change their build requirements; they now offer this service to a wider audience.

Inside Custom N2Power Gaming Power Supply

A recent success story has been to incorporate the N2 supplies into a “shuttle” for a major broadcast player. Instead of the customer having to take the off the shelf unit and design and create their own metalwork and then in production buying all the individual parts and building from scratch, N2Power supply a complete end solution with one part no, reducing build time, reduction in BOM, and simplifying the supply chain as a result.

Custom shuttles for broadcast application

As Randy puts it…

“N2Power is leading the industry with its Optimized Power Systems Manufacturing (OPSM) capabilities. Our core competencies in both power and mechanical design, allow us to offer complete custom power assemblies to OEMs, which reduce the corresponding BOM entry to a single line item. The OEM will not need to purchase mounting brackets, nuts, bolts, stand-offs, screws, cables, connectors, external fans or any other accessories. This along with the full distribution service offered by Luso enabling local stocking and ship to line type supply chain management give a compelling solution to many customers.”


This system allows customers to take advantage of N2Power’s unique power supplies with their patented “green by design” technology which delivers more power in less space ( over 15W per cubic inch) and usually over 93 % efficiencies, along with their capabilities such as active current sharing and built in or’ing diodes for redundant operation. Other standard features are I2C (PMbus) for digital power management, remote on/off, as well as various multi output models. The higher efficiencies delivery lower loss of energy due to less heat generation and as a result higher MTBF and lower cooling costs.

So if you would like to take advantage of these results:

  • Simplified purchasing
  • Simplified BOMs
  • Reduced inventory items
  • Smoother and faster order fulfilment
  • Improved cash flow
  • Lower cost of ownership (LCO)

Give us a call to discuss your requirements…….