Multi Output Power Supplies from N2Power – reduce overall application cost.

by | Jul 2, 2020 | Industrial, N2Power, Press release

Now available from Luso are a range of multi output power supplies from N2Power.

These are part of their new robustly designed XR series of 3” x 5” footprint 1U high power supplies.

The units are available in 125W and 160W formats and also in their XR ATX family, the latter add a 1A 5V standby voltage.

All versions operate from universal AC input, and incorporate active PFC, to provide high level efficiency of up to 91%. With a height of 1.32″ and a 3″ x 5″ footprint, these supplies boast high power densities and are ideally suited for OEMs using industry standard 1U chassis.

These power supplies are ideal if you require more than one voltage in your application and reduce the need for further dc/dc conversion in your architecture. The series covers most required voltages, of 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V and 12V in various combinations. We also offer free samples for product approval.


Overview of the range

Part NoOutput PowerInput RangeOutput Voltages
XR125-1125W90-2643.3, 5, 12, -12
XR125-1ATX125W90-2643.3, 5, 12, -12
XR125-7125W90-2642.5, 5, 12, -12
XR125-7ATX125W90-2642.5, 5, 12, -12
XR125-8125W90-2645, 12, -12
XR125-8ATX125W90-2645, 12, -12
XR160-1160W90-2643.3, 5, 12, -12
XR160-1ATX160W90-2643.3, 5, 12, -12
XR160-7160W90-2642.5, 5, 12, -12
XR160-7ATX160W90-2642.5, 5, 12, -12
XR160-8160W90-2645, 12, -12
XR160-8ATX160W90-2645, 12, -12

Contact our specialists to discuss your application, if these units don’t meet with your requirements it may be possible to offer a customised version.

Free of charge samples are available for product approval.

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