Multix X1 – Customisable Medical Trolley


Multix X1 – Customisable Medical Trolley

The X1 Platform is a compact and safe equipment cart with a considerable loading capacity.

The four lockable wheels of the base are responsible for an excellent manoeuvrability in narrow spaces and even in difficult conditions.

The aluminium extrusion column can be used for cabling and to connect different medical accessories; such as drawers, shelves and baskets that can be fixed at any position of the column.



MULTIX provides smart solutions specifically designed to help your equipment to face new challenges. Discover our range of Multix Medical Trollies. Based north of Milan, the hub of Italian design and of high quality furniture and furnishings production. We take care of all the design process, from concept to engineering, to ensure the highest quality and fulfilling your requirements. Where an idea becomes a real product.

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Multix X1 - Product Datasheet