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Luso supports companies and practices in the veterinary diagnostic imaging sector.

We have been involved from the outset in the development, launch, promotion and sale of  EqueTom TM , the first mobile Tomosynthesis system for the Equine Market.

We are also promoting  Edamis , the new dual-arm multi-modality imaging system for equine imaging. This advanced robotic system allows Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Cone Bean CT and Tomosynthesis exams with light sedation.

The system is manufactured and marketed by Orimtech.
And we presents ETS the new portable self-shielded CT scanner for equines and companion animals that can be carried into the surgical room. And we do not miss the mixed reality experience with OptipVet, the new way to communicate in veterinary in holopresence with HoloHealth technology for exchanging information and expertise.

OptipVet allows consultancy during veterinary visits and augmented reality assisted surgeries to exchange knowledge and expertise remotely, making the second opinion possible in real time.
Have a look at VetCat Trap, an advanced plexiglas tube with a removable topkeeping the veterinary patients in a neutral sternal position.

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