400W Medical Power Supply – MDP400 Series


400W Medical Power Supply – MDP400 Series

Enedo’s standard and customized medical power supplies are certified to the latest IEC60601 MOOP and MOPP safety standards for isolation/separation and low leakage current. Our products are used today for Patient Handling & Monitoring, Imaging Equipment, Sterilization Equipment and Surgical Lighting. They are available in Open Frame, U Chassis, Punched cover, with fans fitted and also a fully IP67 rated sealed version.

Available with 12V, 24V, 36V & 48V outputs, all units also have an auxiliary 12V 1A output plus a 5V standby. There is also a 28V output option in U Chassis format.


  • 94% efficient
  • 400W power output (440W peak)
  • Universal input voltage range (90 – 264 VAC)
  • 12, 24, 36, & 48 VDC standard output variants
  • +5V standby and 12V auxiliary outputs
  • 4000m altitude operation
  • Remote enable & DC power good signal
  • Very low standby consumption < 0.5W
  • 2xMoPP

Model Information

Model NumberPower OutInput VoltageOutput VoltageOutput CurrentFormat
MDP400-US12-OF-PP400 W90-264 VAC12 V33.3 AOpen Frame
MDP400-US24-OF-PP400 W90-264 VAC24 V16.7 AOpen Frame
MDP400-US24-OF-PP400 W90-264 VAC28 V14.3 AOpen Frame
MDP400-US36-OF-PP400 W90-264 VAC36 V11.1 AOpen Frame
MDP400-US48-OF-PP400 W90-264 VAC48 V8.3 AOpen Frame
MDP400-US12-UC-PP400 W90-264 VAC12 V33.3 AU-Chassis
MDP400-US24-UC-PP400 W90-264 VAC24 V16.7 AU-Chassis
MDP400-US36-UC-PP400 W90-264 VAC36 V11.1 AU-Chassis
MDP400-US48-UC-PP400 W90-264 VAC48 V8.3 AU-Chassis
MDP400-US12-PC-PP400 W90-264 VAC12 V33.3 APunched Cover
MDP400-US24-PC-PP400 W90-264 VAC24 V16.7 APunched Cover
MDP400-US36-PC-PP400 W90-264 VAC36 V11.1 APunched Cover
MDP400-US48-PC-PP400 W90-264 VAC48 V8.3 APunched Cover
MDP400-US12-VC-PP400 W90-264 VAC12 V33.3 AVented Cover with Fan
MDP400-US24-VC-PP400 W90-264 VAC24 V16.7 AVented Cover with Fan
MDP400-US36-VC-PP400 W90-264 VAC36 V11.1 AVented Cover with Fan
MDP400-US48-VC-PP400 W90-264 VAC48 V8.3 AVented Cover with Fan
MDP400-US12-FF-PP400 W90-264 VAC12 V33.3 Awith Front Fan
MDP400-US24-FF-PP400 W90-264 VAC24 V16.7 Awith Front Fan
MDP400-US36-FF-PP400 W90-264 VAC36 V11.1 Awith Front Fan
MDP400-US48-FF-PP400 W90-264 VAC48 V8.3 Awith Front Fan


Enedo Power

Enedo Power ( Was Efore) manufacture power supplies targeted at industrial and medical applications. The range starts at 200W, with 400, 600 and 1200W variants. Their RCB series of configurable power supplies offer unrivalled performance and flexibility. Enedo can also offer custom and tailored solutions if required.

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MDP400 Datasheet