Luso introduces series of flexible-solution high-reliability switches targeting broadcast applications

by | Sep 2, 2014 | Press release, Pro AV & Broadcast, Veetronix

Luso Electronics announces the availability of a new range of high-reliability switches and keycaps aimed primarily for use in the broadcasting sector as well as many other applications. The products are manufactured by Veetronix, a maker of highly reliable keyboard and panel-mount switches for various markets including video and audio mixing-desk equipment and in numerous military and government applications.

Available exclusively in the UK and Ireland from Luso, the new 09 series is based on Veetronix’s proprietary technology and offers the advanced features of the company’s existing 07 and 08 series industry-standard switches. These highly reliable devices feature a unique hermetically sealed design ensuring that no moving parts touch the contacts, preventing air, dust, moisture or gases from contaminating the switch and therefore ensuring reliability.

While offering the same exact dimensions of the 08 switch series, what sets the 09 series apart is the inclusion of a light pipe rather than providing its own illumination. This means that customers can fit any LED of their choice to the PCB and implement the switch on top. These new switches can therefore deliver an overall solution that is simpler to implement as well as being more cost effective as the 09 series is available at lower cost compared to the 08 series.

A variety of keycaps sizes and colours are also available for these switches, including solid caps and relegendable types with laser-etched and custom-designed sets available. Electrical specifications for these switches include operating temperature range from –40 to +90 degrees C; minimum reed life of 50 million cycles; and maximum ratings of 200V(DC) switching voltage and 500mA current.

The full range of switches and keycaps from Veetronix is now available for purchase from Luso Electronics for evaluation and qualification.

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