Luso Electronics announces the availability of right angle and vertical mount RJ45 connectors with integrated magnetics from Elec & Eltek (E&E), a leading manufacturer of magnetic components. E&E’s new series of compact, low cost and high quality Magnetic Integrated Connectors (MICs) are available in Power over Ethernet (PoE) and higher power PoE Plus (PoE+) versions delivering Fast Ethernet (10/100) and Gigabit Ethernet capability.

The magnetic jacks serve a wide variety of IP phones, access points, network cameras, industrial, building control, network and telecom equipment applications. They are compliant to IEEE802.3, RoHS, REACH and ELV standards. Being UL certified and employing all plastic materials rated to UL94V-0, these cost-effective connectors are particularly aimed at offering convenience to users in the security and surveillance markets.

A typical application for PoE is CCTV cameras; these either need to be located close to existing power points or have dedicated power points installed which can limit their convenience and effectiveness whilst dramatically increasing deployment costs. By utilising the LAN network, PoE enabled cameras can be deployed on ceilings, corridors, lobbies and outdoor areas at significantly lower cost than solutions requiring a separate power source. The same applies also to other security, surveillance and access control devices.

Available in single port (1×1), 8-port (2×4), and 12-port (2×6) configurations and with LED options, the RJ45 shielded connectors integrate magnetics, resistors and capacitors to provide signal integrity and protect PHY chips.

The full range of E&E magnetic integrated connectors are available for purchase from Luso Electronics for evaluation and qualification.