Luso Electronics signs agreement with A.T. Wall Company for precision tubing components for range of markets including RF/microwave

by | Mar 18, 2013 | AT Wall Company, Microwave, Press release

Luso Electronics, a supplier and installer of microwave systems and components and a franchised distributor via its Luso Electronics Distribution division, today announced a franchised distribution agreement for France, Ireland and the UK with Rhode Island based A.T. Wall Company, a world-class supplier of superior precision tubing and fabricated metal components.

An ISO 9001:2008 registered custom manufacturer, A.T. Wall has a wide range of seamless tubing and high-speed stamping capabilities, and supplies components for the electronics, telecom and automotive industries. In addition to being the appointed distributor of the A.T. Wall product range, Luso will also use the components in its own custom-designed RF/microwave system installations. Luso’s Microwave Systems Division has successfully designed, built, installed and commissioned more than 200 networks throughout the world for satellite uplink and downlink stations.

“In addition to its strong reputation as a specialist system designer and installer in the RF/microwave field, Luso has also built up an impressive and fast-growing electronics distribution business that offers a valuable and comprehensive portfolio of system components for a wider range of markets” said Matthew Underhay, Sales Manager at A.T. Wall Company.

“A.T. Wall is a world-class manufacturer that has a excellent range of products including precision-drawn, high-quality waveguide tubing” said David Zelkha, managing director of Luso Electronics. “This agreement represents a substantial and two-fold opportunity for us, not only in terms of the supply of leading-edge components for RF/microwave system installations, but also significantly bolstering our distribution portfolio.”

This is the seventh distribution agreement for Luso Electronics Distribution since its establishment in May 2011 as a division of Luso Electronics. Luso works with a limited number of complementary franchises for which the company provides expert technical and commercial support.

Luso’s other distribution franchises include:

  • Elec & Eltek’s magnetic components, including transformers, noise filters and common-mode chokes, across Europe;
  • N2Power’s range of ultra-small high-efficiency AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies, in UK and Ireland;
  • Veetronix’s highly reliable keyboard and panel-mount switches for various markets, in the UK and Ireland;
  • Andon’s IC sockets and interconnects


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