Luso announces availability of 375W open-frame power supply for industrial, entertainment and outdoor lighting

by | Apr 3, 2013 | N2Power, Press release

Luso Electronics Distribution today announced availability of the XL375LED constant current 375W AC-DC power supply family from N2Power. The new power supplies are designed to drive strings of LEDs in high-power lamps for industrial, entertainment and outdoor lighting applications.

Many LED lighting and display applications require constant current output and also need to be shielded from power disturbances. The XL375LED covers all these requirements, combining ruggedized design, high efficiency and reliability. The device’s high efficiency, up to 93%, supports the lighting industry’s drive to reduce energy consumption through the use of solid-state LED light sources. Expected key markets for the products are architectural lighting; warehousing and retail environments for both high- and low-bay lighting; and in the entertainment arena for concert venues and stage/theatre lighting.

“The rugged and compact XL375LED family was designed by N2Power in close consultation with LED lighting manufacturers is therefore absolutely ideal for these types of applications”, said Andy Eden, Product Marketing Manager at Luso Electronics Distribution. “The product’s high efficiency rating, in conjunction with high reliability and long operating life, will deliver significant value for customers over the long term.”

The XL375LED models offer single main outputs of 12, 24, 28, 36, 40, 48 or 56VDC maximum. They also have a 12V/1A auxiliary output (normally used to drive a cooling fan) and a 5V/1A standby output. The compact 3.81cm (1.5-inch) high package has a footprint of just 8.38 x 12.7cm (3.3 x 5 inches), delivering a power density of more than 15W/in3. Other features of the XL375LED include active power factor correction, current sharing and inrush current protection.

The XL375LED also has a universal AC input (90-305VAC), which is particularly important for LED lighting manufacturers to achieve 277VAC input certification. The unit is RoHS compliant and meets all major international safety and EMC requirements.

Sample units are now available from Luso for the development of new lighting system designs.

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