HVA Series – High Voltage Amplifier


HVA Series – High Voltage Amplifier

The HVA Series is a miniature, bi-polar, zero-crossing high voltage amplifier capable of producing a high voltage up to ±6kV in response to a low voltage (0 to 5V) programming input. Designed for ease of use, the HVA Series contains a dual polarity high voltage generator and a high speed, high voltage amplifier in a space-saving (3.0”L x 1.5”W x 0.5”H) encapsulated package.

The HVA05XX operates from a 5VDC input, while the HVA12XX operates from a 12VDC input. Output voltage is independent of input power voltage and is proportional to the programming voltage (0 to 5V produces negative full scale to positive full scale output) and features excellent linearity. The HVA Series also has an enable input that allows the user to disable the internal high voltage generator.

HVM’s proprietary, ultra-compact resonant converter design minimizes quiescent current and operating noise while delivering maximum performance and reliability.


  • Dimensions (3.0”L x 1.5”W x 0.5”H)

  • Easy to Use, No External Components Required

  • Bipolar, Zero-Crossing HV Output

  • Current Sourcing and Sinking

  • Excellent Load and Line Regulation

  • 5V or 12V Input Models Available

  • Miniature PC Board Mountable Package

  • ±1kV, ±3kV, and ±6kV Models Available

  • Wide Operating Temp Range (-40°C to +60°C)


HVM Technology

HVM Technology Inc. design and manufacture high performance electronic products for a variety of applications in the military, aerospace, scientific and analytical fields, specialising in miniature high voltage power converters. HVM Technology was established in 2004 as a producer of specialised multi-output high voltage dc to dc converters used in night vision image intensifiers. Because of the growing demand for products to be smaller and portable, HVM Technology continues to push the limits of high voltage miniaturisation by offering a variety of standard and custom products ranging from single-output high voltage dc-to-dc converters to complex multiple output modulated designs.

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HVA Series Datasheet