Image sensor sockets reduce manufacturing risks now available

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Andon, Industrial, Instrumentation, Press release

Luso Electronics today announces the availability of Andon’s image sensor sockets to customers in the UK and Ireland. These sockets enable leading OEMs and contract manufacturers to de-risk their production processes by removing the need to solder the image sensor itself to their PCBs. Instead, soldering the socket to the PCB protects sensors from damage during board assembly and processing, while also providing an easy and cost-effective method for future device upgrades, repairs or replacement.

By enabling sensors to be inserted after reflow soldering processes, the high-quality sockets ensure image sensors don’t need to be subjected to high soldering temperatures. It also minimises unnecessary handling, thereby reducing the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD), as well as the need for cleaning solutions, which can scratch the glass plate of the sensor and risk blistering the PCB. Assembly line vibration is also avoided.

Andon’s RoHS-compliant sockets are compatible with a wide range of image sensors manufactured by Atmel, Dalsa, E2V, Fairchild, Hamamatsu, Kodak, Marconi, Micron, Motorola, National, NEC, Peripheral Imaging, Phillips, Site, Sony, TI and Toshiba.

Andon designs and produces the contacts for its image sensor sockets in-house. The contacts are available in Low, Medium, and High Force to suit customers’ requirements, and Andon can supply ball grid array (BGA) sockets to any footprint.

As well as standard, footprint-specific configurations in large or small volumes, custom interconnect designs are also available. Luso can help develop these for UK customers to use in digital cameras, security systems, satellite imaging and other applications.

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