IEC62368-1 certified 600W medical grade power supply offers competitive edge.

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Adaptor Technology, Industrial, Instrumentation, Medical, Press release

The ATM600 series of 600W AC/DC switch mode power supplies are ideal for many applications in both medical and industrial environments.

Being already approved to the new IEC62368-1 standard, these supplies offer 2 x MOPP protection and are also certified to EN60601-1 (3.1). They operate with efficiencies of up to 95% and a leakage current of less than 1.0mA.

Available in four variants, these convection cooled supplies cover an input range of 100V to 240VAC, with outputs of 12V,24V, 36V & 48V. Supplied in a reasonably compact 8” x 5” package this offers a very economical solution for a variety of applications.

They include an array of protections: short circuit, over voltage, over current and over temperature with a hold up time of 10mS @ full load. Other features include a 5V 1A standby supply, a 12V output for powering a fan if needed, on/off remote control and a 2-year warranty.

Please contact Luso for pricing and to arrange a sample for evaluation.


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