Extended Temp Range Magnetics : Ideal for Industrial IOT Applications

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Elec & Eltek, Industrial, Instrumentation, Press release

Specifically, for IIOT applications Elec&Eltek Magnetic Products have announced the availability of their range of extended temp range 1000Base-T, PoE, LAN transformer.

The upper operating temp of these parts is +155’C. They are supplied in a compact 24pin package. The A20-00024F is likely to be the first in a series of parts.

In IIOT applications typically they are sealed enclosures with no active or passive cooling and ambient temps inside the enclosures can reach +125’C.

Existing LAN parts even in the I-Temp range quickly saturate at these temperatures and the inductance rolls off which disables the data ports.

This part can be used with 2 pairs to support PoE or all 4 pairs to support PoE+ and the 1000Base-T is backward compatible to 10/100Base-T.

Therefore, it is very versatile and can provide a single solution covering all popular combinations used in IOT and IIOT applications.

This joins with the family of RJ45 Magnetic Integrated Connectors incorporating Diode Bridge. The initial offering is part number MJFR1036 which is a single port surface mount RJ45, with integrated diode bridge, 100Base-T PoE magnetics featuring extended temp range and LED’s

As a surface mount package, the part is suitable for IR reflow and is packed in Tape & Reel for automated pick and place.

Integrating the diode bridge simplifies and saves board space in many IEEE802.3 applications where the powered device is required to accept voltage in either polarity

from the RJ45, allowing the powered device to work equally well with standard or cross-over cables. The integrated diode bridge provides surge current absorption and should the power source fail or short the diode bridge prevents the powered device from back feeding current into the ethernet cable.

To simplify board layout design the schematic used in the MJFR1036 takes the PoE cable input from two spare pairs and integrates them into one powered pair.

The roadmap for this family of parts includes 1G, 2.5G and 10G magnetics in PoE and PoE+ options. This series is aimed at multiple PoE powered device applications including security

devices, cameras, digital signage, access points and more. Offering extended temp range of -40’C to +85’C this product is also well suited to IOT applications.

Specification sheets are downloadable below for both parts.

As usual with Elec&Eltek if these parts don’t completely meet your requirements please let us know as custom magnetics are our speciality. Please contact our team of product specialists to discuss your application or request samples.


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