Enedo Power’s DDP/MDP1200 series offer 750W of power with free air convection, so no requirement for a fan to operate and therefore offer a low noise operating environment.

The free-air cooled models of the DDP/MDP1200 AC/DC U-chassis power supplies offer high operating efficiency, 1U compatible form factors, and are equipped with built-in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and PMBus™ communications protocols, for enhanced monitoring and control.

The MDP1200 Medical Grade U-chassis power supplies also offer 2x MoPP means of patient protection and BF compatibility.

Product Highlights

  • Universal input voltage range 85 – 305 VAC
  • 750 W rated power with free-air cooling
  • Input inrush current limiting
  • 24 and 48 VDC standard output variants
  • 94% efficiency rating
  • Parallel & N+1 redundant operation, built in current sharing
  • Low earth / touch leakage current
  • Active PFC – EN61000-3-2 compliant (Class C >25% load)
  • Fits 1U applications
  • +5V & +12V stand-by outputs
  • 2x MoPP grade protection, BF apparatus compatible for MDP variants
  • 5000m altitude operation
  • Built-in DSP and PMBus™ communications protocols

Model Information

Model NumberTypePower Out WInput V ACOutput V DCCooling Method
DDP1200-US24-PCIndustrial75085-30548Free-Air Convection
DDP1200-US24-UCIndustrial75085-30524Free-Air Convection
Industrial75085-30524Free-Air Convection
DDP1200-US48-UCIndustrial75085-30548Free-Air Convection
MDP1200-US24-PCMedical75085-26424Free-Air Convection
Medical75085-26424Free-Air Convection
MDP1200-US48-PCMedical75085-26448Free-Air Convection
Medical75085-26448Free-Air Convection
DDP1200-US24-FFIndustrial120085-30524Internal Fan
DDP1200-US24-UCFIndustrial120085-30524External Forced-Air
DDP1200-US48-FFIndustrial120085-30548Internal Fan
MDP1200-US24-UCFMedical120084-26424External Forced-Air

Our product specialists are on hand to assist with product selection and guide you through the design cycle. We can offer technical and commercial support and arrange for samples. Datasheets are downloadable below, please contact us for more information.