Luso Electronics, UK distributor of high input voltage power supplies manufactured by EFORE, announces the release of the company’s newest dual DC output module for the versatile RCB/MCB 600W configurable power supply series, offering a wide voltage adjustability range.

The new dual output modules allow the power supplies to double the number of outputs in the same package size. The RCB/MCB600 now offers up to eight isolated outputs compared to the four output modules previously, allowing customers to configure unique power solutions with virtually unlimited voltage combinations.

EFORE’s RCB600 and MCB600 configurable multi-output power supplies are capable of delivering 600W from a compact 5 × 3” 1U (78 x 144 x 41cm) and lightweight (600g) package. Thermal temperatures are managed via a built-in fan with speed control circuitry to ensure forced air cooling is optimised to improve the unit’s lifetime and reduce noise when it is operating.

The RCB600 family is ideally suited to provide power in a variety of applications including test and measurement equipment, industrial automation, process control and broadcasting systems. The units feature a wide range of protection features including input under voltage lockout, output over-current, output short-circuit, output over-voltage and over-temperature. With additional safety and protection certifications for medical use, the MCB600 medical devices are optimised for use with diagnostic, dental and laboratory equipment.

Luso Electronics operates an EFORE factory-certified configuration centre to enable customers that require system modifications to receive customised power supplies typically within 48-hours of order receipt.

Staffed by fully qualified and trained operators, the configuration centre has several ESD protected workstations fully equipped with the necessary measuring and calibration instrumentation to enable all work to be completed quickly and safely.