Delta launch PACSR series of board mounted 300W & 500W AC/DC Bricks

by | Oct 9, 2018 | Delta, Industrial, Instrumentation, Press release

Delta has introduced its new PACSR series of encapsulated board-mounted AC/DC converters. These ultra compact units which are 20% smaller than the size of competitor parts; also offer efficiencies of up to 94%. These modules can be used in outdoor power systems, addressing the need for fan-less applications in the industrial, COTS, signage and communications markets.

The PACSR series have two output power levels, 300W and 500W. Operating at universal AC input voltage from 85~264VAC, with four output voltages of 12V, 24V, 28V, and 48V  with voltage trimming functions. The standard features of PACSR series include over temperature protection, input under voltage protection, and output over current and over voltage protection.

All modules in PACSR series are packaged in an enclosed case and potted with thermal potting material, which ensures good thermal performance and high reliability in harsh environment applications. Power modules are able to operating in a wide baseplate temperature range of -40C to 100C. An optional heat sink is also available for extreme thermal requirements.

The AC/DC brick converter has many advantages compare to traditional AC/DC power supply modules. The first being that the size of the PACSR module is much smaller compared to the conventional AC power supply. Also the fan-less operation also greatly improves the reliability of the power supply. By using PACSR series the development cycle can also be greatly reduced in new project developments.

Safety approvals for PACSR series include UL and EN60950-1.


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