Delta Electronics has launched a new 2000W AC/DC medical power supply that can be used in both medical and industrial applications.

The IMA 2000W model comes in a compact size at 12.2” x 5” x 1.6” and provides a single 48V output with 5V/4A standby output.

This 2kW medical power supply family, starting with the 48V version comes with universal AC input from 80Vac to 275Vac and has a wide operating temperature of -20°C to +70°C (with full power and no de-rating up to 50°C).  Additional features include current sharing, analog wide voltage adjust in range of +/- 14%, and the ability to control the product’s remote on/off and power good signals. Moreover, the enclosed IMA 2000W model includes intelligent fan speed control to minimize overall system ambient noise yet maintain proper cooling.

Major approvals include IEC/EN/UL 62368-1, IEC/EN/UL 60950-1 (Industrial), and IEC/EN/UL 60601-1 (Medical). Both products are certified for EMC standards EN 55011 for industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio-frequency equipment, and EN 55032 for Industrial Technology Equipment (ITE) radio-frequency equipment. Full compliance with RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU for environmental protection is included.

Model Information

Model NumberInput RangeOutput VoltageOutput PowerOutput Current
IMA-S2000-4880 – 275 Vac48V2000W41.6A

Product Highlights

  • Safety approval for Medical (IEC 60601-1-2), Industrial (IEC 62368) and IT
  • Wide operating input voltage range: 80 Vac to 275 Vac or 120 Vdc to 300 Vdc
  • Wide adjustable output voltage range (+/- 14%)
  • 5 Vdc standby output
  • High efficiency: up to 95%
  • Size: 309.6 x 127 x 40.6 mm (12.2 x 5 x 1.6 in) (1U design)
  • Variable speed fan control
  • Low acoustic noise level of less than 39 dB(A)
  • Active current sharing
  • 2 × MOPP and BF appliances
  • PMBus™ compatible for control, programming and monitoring
  • 500,000-hour MTBF
  • Optional conformal coating

Our product specialists are on hand to assist with product selection and guide you through the design cycle. We can offer technical and commercial support and arrange for samples. Datasheets are downloadable below, please contact us for more information.