Cotek CT-211 Enables Three Stage Battery Charging

by | May 12, 2020 | Cotek, Industrial, Press release

The CT-211 ” Easy Charger Wizard” from Cotek is a flexible add on item, which enables you to create a three stage battery charger; which can easily deal with all frequently used battery types and different battery voltages, 12V, 24V and 48V

To enable this, you will need a Cotek AE or AEK series power supply, and their CT-201 RS-232 communication board.

The “Easy Charger Wizard” kit consists of the following items: Charger wizard board plus connection cable.

Being simple to implement using the GUI software, the User Guide downloadable below explains in full detail how to use this handy peripheral.


Typical Hardware Implementation of the Easy Charger Wizard


Features of the CT-211

  • Allows Cotek programmable series power supplies to support 3 stage charging function
  • Many different types of batteries are supported, including Lithium Ion, Gel, AGM, Lead Acid, etc.
  • Supports high voltage & current charging
  • Includes smart over voltage protection
  • Works with most of Cotek Programmable Series  – AE & AEK Series (not AEK-3000-HV)

Why not contact our engineers to discuss your application and how to implement the CT-211 in your design?


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