Luso has been advised that CMOSIS have specified Andon sockets for 8 of their area scan image sensors and their 3 line scan image sensors. The Andon sockets are available for the following product ranges; CMV50000, CHR70M, CMV300, CMV2000, CMV4000, CMV8000, CMV12000, CMV20000, Dragster, Orion, and 4LS.

Andon has developed the largest line of Image Sensor Sockets in the industry. They have sockets for image sensors from all major manufacturers.

Image Sensor sockets provide higher reliability because the sockets can be soldered to the motherboard in large quantities. Later, as required, the sensors can be plugged-in or unplugged and upgraded easily.

Using an Andon sockets gives many advantages; Reduction of static discharge (ESD) because of less handling; ease of manufacture; elimination of chance of damage to the sensor during manufacture.

Heat sink sockets are also available, which reduce heat and noise.

Contact Luso for more information or quotes. Andon sockets are available on short lead-times and small qtys for ease of prototyping.

Luso Electronics support Andon Electronics both commercially and technically throughout UK & Ireland and distribute their whole range of products. Andon Electronics makes precision sockets used in the testing and board-level assembly of image sensors, optoelectronic and gas sensors, DC-DC converters, batteries, crystal oscillators, fuses, relays, and more.