10W Rail EN50155 DC/DC Converter – RCD10W


10W Rail EN50155 DC/DC Converter – RCD10W Series

The RCD10W series are rail approved EN50155 dc/dc converters

They have a 4:1 input range with no minimum load requirements and a range of protection circuits on board.

Input voltage range is from 9 to 36V; 18 to 75V or 36 to 160V which covers most rail input voltages. They are available with a range of single output voltages from 3.3V to 24V, with dual output versions also of  5V, 12V, 15V and 24V

These units come in an industry standard 1” x 1” footprint; they are also available with added heat sinks.


  • 10W Output Power In a 1″X1″ Industrial Standard Package
  • Approved To EN50155, EN45545-2, And IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 Standards
  • 4:1 Input Voltage Range From 9-36v, 18-75v, and 36-160v
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C To +105°C (Optional -55°C To 105°C)
  • 3000Vdc Input-Output Isolation Voltage
  • Operating Altitude: Up To 5000m
  • 3-Year Product Warranty

Model Information

Model NoInput VoltageOutput VoltageCurrent Output
RCD10-24S3P3W9V – 36V3.3V3.00A
RCD10-24S05W9V – 36V5.0V2.00A
RCD10-24S12W9V – 36V12V0.83A
RCD10-24S15W9V – 36V15V0.67A
RCD10-24S24W9V – 36V24V0.42A
RCD10-24D05W9V – 36V+/- 5V+/- 1.00A
RCD10-24D12W9V – 36V+/- 12V+/- 0.416A
RCD10-24D15W9V – 36V+/- 15V+/- 0.333A
RCD10-24D24W9V – 36V+/- 24V+/- 0.21A
RCD10-48S3P3W18V – 75V3.3V3.00A
RCD10-48S05W18V – 75V5.0V2.00A
RCD10-48S12W18V – 75V12V0.83A
RCD10-48S15W18V – 75V15V0.67A
RCD10-48S24W18V – 75V24V0.42A
RCD10-48D05W18V – 75V+/- 5V+/- 1.00A
RCD10-48D12W18V – 75V+/- 12V+/- 0.416A
RCD10-48D15W18V – 75V+/- 15V+/- 0.333A
RCD10-48D24W18V – 75V+/- 24V+/- 0.21A
RCD10-110S3P3W36V – 160V3.3V3.00A
RCD10-110S05W36V – 160V5.0V2.00A
RCD10-110S12W36V – 160V12V0.83A
RCD10-110S15W36V – 160V15V0.67A
RCD10-110S24W36V – 160V24V0.42A
RCD10-110D05W36V – 160V+/- 5V+/- 1.00A
RCD10-110D12W36V – 160V+/- 12V+/- 0.416A
RCD10-110D15W36V – 160V+/- 15V+/- 0.333A
RCD10-110D24W36V – 160V+/- 24V+/- 0.21A


P-Duke Power

P-Duke Power started in 1992, have concentrated their design efforts on dc/dc converters and associated products. They have a wide range of products for general industrial applications but also specific ranges for Medical and Rail requirements meeting all relevant safety standards. Our product specialists are happy to assist with product selection and offer help throughout the design cycle.

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RCD10W Datasheet