Multi Output Power Supply – XR ATX Series

N2Power offer a range of multi output AC/DC power supplies all in a 1U high 3″ x 5″ footprint.

There are 3 variants of the XR125 and XR160 series each offering 3 outputs as well as the ATX series.

These all offer high power density, with Active PFC and are up to 84% efficient.

Samples are available for approval. Contact our engineers for assistance on product selection and further application information.


• Up to 84% efficiency
• High power density
• Remote on/off
• 5V Standby output (1amp)
• Universal AC input
• Active PFC (90 – 264 VAC)
• Inrush current protection
• RoHS compliant

As usual with products from N2 Power, if you can’t find your preferred output voltage, we can easily modify standard PSUs to meet client-specific requirements.

Model Information

Part NoOutput PowerInput RangeOutput Voltages
XR125-1125W90-2643.3, 5, 12, -12
XR125-1ATX125W90-2643.3, 5, 12, -12
XR125-7125W90-2642.5, 5, 12, -12
XR125-7ATX125W90-2642.5, 5, 12, -12
XR125-8125W90-2645, 12, -12
XR125-8ATX125W90-2645, 12, -12
XR160-1160W90-2643.3, 5, 12, -12
XR160-1ATX160W90-2643.3, 5, 12, -12
XR160-7160W90-2642.5, 5, 12, -12
XR160-7ATX160W90-2642.5, 5, 12, -12
XR160-8160W90-2645, 12, -12
XR160-8ATX160W90-2645, 12, -12




N2Power is a leading designer and manufacturer of high efficiency, ultra-small, power-dense power supplies. Our environmentally-friendly designs reduce energy consumption, generate less waste heat, and most models require little or no forced air cooling – yielding decreased AC loads and increased reliability and economy of operation. We offer numerous power solutions for a variety of products in the IT equipment, broadcast, industrial, kiosk, gaming, lighting and test equipment markets. They offer feature rich power supplies, with current sharing, built in or-ing diodes for N+1 redundancy, PM Bus communications, Active PFC plus a host of on-board protections including, Over Voltage, Over Power, Over Temperature and short circuit protection.

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XR ATX Datasheet


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