600W Power Supply – DDP600 Series

Compact, efficient 600W rated AC/DC power supplies, the DDP600 series offers very high efficiency (94% typical), and high peak power capability (800W peak for 10 s) from a single output, and is suitable for a wide range of industrial and medical applications, as well as LED display and lighting solutions. This series is available in U-Chassis and an enclosed unit incorporating a front fan.

These units are offered in 4 output versions, 24V, 28V, 36V and 48V and can supply up to 390W convection cooled if no fan is required.



  • 600W steady state power with 800W peak (up to 10s)
  • 85 – 305 VAC extended input voltage range
  • 24, 28, 36 and 48 VDC output variants
  • 94% efficiency rating
  • Parallel & N+1 redundant operation
  • +5V standby & 12V auxiliary outputs
  • Low stand-by consumption (< 0.35W)
  • Fan speed control circuit
  • Input surge current limiting
  • Fits 1U applications

Model Information

Model NumberPower Out WInput VoltageOutput VoltageOutput Current AFormat
DDP600-US24-FF600 W85-305 VAC24 V25.0 Awith Front Fan
DDP600-US28-FF600 W85-305 VAC28 V21.4 Awith Front Fan
DDP600-US36-FF600 W85-305 VAC36 V16.7 Awith Front Fan
DDP600-US48-FF600 W85-305 VAC48 V12.5 Awith Front Fan
DDP600-US24-UC600 W85-305 VAC24 V25.0 AU-Chassis
DDP600-US28-UC600 W85-305 VAC28 V21.4 AU-Chassis
DDP600-US36-UC600 W85-305 VAC36 V16.7 AU-Chassis
DDP600-US48-UC600 W85-305 VAC48 V12.5 AU-Chassis


Enedo Power

Enedo Power ( Was Efore) manufacture power supplies targeted at industrial and medical applications. The range starts at 200W, with 400, 600 and 1200W variants. Their RCB series of configurable power supplies offer unrivalled performance and flexibility. Enedo can also offer custom and tailored solutions if required.

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DDP600 Datasheet