Military Grade UPS Systems

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Military Grade UPS Systems

IntelliPower’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems are engineered with durability in mind and are built to thrive in extreme temperatures, rough terrain, and unpredictable settings. Whether operating in remote industrial sites, rugged outdoor locations, or mission-critical situations, IntelliPower’s rugged UPS is the ultimate choice for safeguarding valuable equipment and maintaining continuous power availability.

They feature online topology which allows them to provide continuous and clean power to connected equipment. It does this by constantly converting incoming AC power to DC power, and then back to AC power using an inverter. At the core of IntelliPower’s rugged UPS is a focus on reliability. Its design not only ensures protection against physical damage but also guarantees seamless operation during power fluctuations and outages.

From military deployments to off-grid installations, IntelliPower’s rugged UPS sets a new standard for power reliability in the most demanding scenarios, providing peace of mind and assurance that your critical systems stay powered up when it matters the most.



Ametek Intellipower

Ametek Intellipower has over thirty three years of in-house development of proprietary electronics hardware, firmware, embedded software and enclosure technology along with in-house knowledge gives us the ability to respond quickly to all requests. With our modular design approach our team can add features and specifications as needed to a library of existing product configurations that have already been sold, tested and proven reliable in the field. Functional drop-in replacements for competitor's products (easy for customers to make significant solution improvements). Designed to meet MIL STD 461, 1399, 810, 901 and others - a requirement that often disqualifies competitors. We have an in-house EMI test lab and professional shielded screen room which streamlines verification and compliance.

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