Military Grade Power Conditioners


Military Grade Power Conditioners

IntelliPower’s Power Conditioners (PC) have all the features and benefits of a UPS, aside from battery backup. When lower weight or lower costs may be a requirement in your specifications, consider a power conditioner.

Designed for industrial, military, and critical infrastructure applications, IntelliPower’s Power Conditioners provide robust protection against voltage fluctuations, electrical noise, and other power quality issues. With a focus on durability, these rugged power conditioners ensure a stable and clean power supply, extending the lifespan of your equipment and minimizing downtime.


Ametek Intellipower

Ametek Intellipower has over thirty three years of in-house development of proprietary electronics hardware, firmware, embedded software and enclosure technology along with in-house knowledge gives us the ability to respond quickly to all requests. With our modular design approach our team can add features and specifications as needed to a library of existing product configurations that have already been sold, tested and proven reliable in the field. Functional drop-in replacements for competitor's products (easy for customers to make significant solution improvements). Designed to meet MIL STD 461, 1399, 810, 901 and others - a requirement that often disqualifies competitors. We have an in-house EMI test lab and professional shielded screen room which streamlines verification and compliance.

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