Delta UPS – Modulon DPH Series 50-600kVA


Delta UPS -Modulon DPH Series 50-600kVA

In this IT intensive world with heavy data traffic driven by cloud, 4G/5G and media streaming applications, IT managers are facing the challenges of increasing rack power density and limited data centre space. Delta’s innovative modular UPS technologies provide the answer to customers’ demands for high power density, high power performance, and ultimate availability. The brand-new Delta Modulon DPH series UPS 50-300/500/600 kVA achieves the industry’s leading power density of 50 kW per module, offering the smallest footprint and best space utilization. The Modulon DPH Series UPS is the ideal modular power protection for MW data centres to achieve total cost of ownership (TCO) optimization.


  • The industry’s leading power density per module at 50 kW in a 3U space, and the smallest footprint for 500 kVA in a single rack and 600 kVA in two racks, to achieve the best utilization compared with its peers
  • High AC-AC efficiency up to 96.5% and ECO mode to 99% provide marked energy cost savings
  • Green mode featuring a load aggregation function optimizes system efficiency
  • Fully modularized design and hot-swappable key modules ensure Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) close to zero without downtime risk
  • Redundant components and dual CAN bus delivers highest system availability and avoids single point of failure
  • Modular UPS grows with your business by parallel expansion up to 8 units for 4.8MVA of total power capacity
  • User-friendly 10” colour touch screen enables easy local UPS management
  • Environment information such as security, water, fire, and temperature can be integrated into the UPS for easy monitoring via the LCD of the UPS
  • If the UPS is equipped with an external battery management system, the battery information can be integrated into the UPS and monitored via the LCD of the UPS

Model Information

ModelI/P VoltageO/P VoltagePower VAPower W


Delta Electronics

Delta Electronics Group is a multi-billion dollar global company and the world’s leading producer of power supplies for the top names in industrial, medical and consumer electronics devices. For more than 40 years, Delta Electronics has been a well regarded and trusted ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) partner by many top tier companies on the Fortune® 500 list. In 2008, Delta Electronics introduced its own brand of standard power supply units (PSU) which offer customers the same world class technology and quality that Delta’s ODM partners demand.

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Modulon DPH 50-600kVA Series Product Overview