Delta UPS -Amplon RT 5-20kVA Series

The Amplon RT Series 5-20 kVA is an online double-conversion UPS that provides best-in-class design in a compact 2U size, with high power density, system efficiency, and versatile configurations to fulfil customers’ requirements. RT Series 5-20 kVA UPS is the first in the market that offers standard Li-ion external battery cabinets, which deliver better power density and sustainability. Along with the parallel capacity of up to four units, the new series is the ideal small power UPS for mission-critical applications, such as servers, data centres, telecommunications, and manufacturing.


  • True online double-conversion topology and zero transfer time to battery provides 24/7 full-time protection
  • Programmable load bank disconnects non-critical loads when a blackout occurs and reserves more battery power for critical loads
  • Up to four units parallel capacity allows redundancy and load expansion
  • Hot swappable batteries ensure continuous operation even when batteries are being replaced
  • VRLA and Li-ion External Battery Cabinet (EBC) are available for scalable runtime
  • The Power Distribution Box (PDB) and Maintenance Bypass Breaker (MBB) are optional respectively for easy configuration and easy UPS replacement.
  • The rRPP (Rack Remote Power Panel), which can be integrated with standard server racks, simplifies power output distribution and power monitoring
  • Common battery configuration is supported in UPS parallel mode to save installation space and additional battery costs
  • Unity output power factor guarantees no de-rating with loads and provides permanent 100% kW
  • Best-in-class AC-AC efficiency of up to 96.5% and 99% in ECO mode lowers energy costs
  • Automatic fan speed control maximizes system efficiency and significantly reduces audible noise and prolongs battery life
  • Fan failure detection sends early warnings to facilitate predictive maintenance of UPS

Model Information

ModelI/P VoltageO/P VoltagePower VAPower W
RT-5K100-280V ac200/208220/230/240V ac5kVA5kW
RT-6K100-280V ac200/208220/230/240V ac6kVA6kW
RT-8K100-280V ac200/208220/230/240V ac8kVA8kW
RT-10K100-280V ac200/208220/230/240V ac10kVA10kW
RT-10K3P138-485V ac380/400/415V ac (3Phase)10kVA10kW
RT-15K3P138-485V ac380/400/415V ac (3Phase)15kVA15kW
RT-20K3P138-485V ac380/400/415V ac (3Phase)20kVA20kW


Delta Electronics

Delta Electronics Group is a multi-billion dollar global company and the world’s leading producer of power supplies for the top names in industrial, medical and consumer electronics devices. For more than 40 years, Delta Electronics has been a well regarded and trusted ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) partner by many top tier companies on the Fortune® 500 list. In 2008, Delta Electronics introduced its own brand of standard power supply units (PSU) which offer customers the same world class technology and quality that Delta’s ODM partners demand.

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Amplon RT 5-20kVA Series Product Overview