Delta UPS -Amplon R Series

Delta’s Amplon R series is an online double-conversion rack-mountable UPS providing consistent sine-wave power to your critical equipment and reliable protection for IT equipment and data centres. The R series offers an output power factor of 0.9 and a best-in-class AC-AC efficiency of up to 93% for greater energy savings. The Amplon R series leads the industry in combining compact size, availability, flexibility, and low total cost of ownership.


  • True online double-conversion topology provides zero transfer time to ensure maximum protection of the equipment
  • Watch-dog design of the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) increases reliability
  • Cold-start capability provides temporary battery power when the utility power is out
  • Operating temperature tolerance up to 50℃ ensures critical loads’ continuity
  • The Maintenance Bypass Box offers load continuity during battery replacement or other upgrades
  • Compact dimensions meet the needs of different rack cabinets
  • Convertible rack and tower configuration in 2U size cabinet
  • Excellent local communications through rotatable LCD display
  • Intelligent management software connectivity via RS232, mini slot or USB port
  • Wide input voltage range reduces the chance of using the battery and extends battery life
  • Intelligent battery management sustains battery life and performance
  • High output power factor 0.9 provides more real power to critical loads
  • High input power factor (pf > 0.99) and low harmonic distortion (iTHD < 3%) save upstream investment
  • Up to 93% AC-AC efficiency and 96% efficiency in ECO mode results in marked energy cost savings
  • Fan speed control by load level and room temperature optimizes performance

Model Information

ModelI/P VoltageO/P VoltagePower VAPower W
R-1K200/208220/230/240V ac80 – 280V ac1kVA0.9kW
R-2K200/208220/230/240V ac80 – 280V ac2kVA1.8kW
R-3K200/208220/230/240V ac80 – 280V ac3kVA2.7kW


Delta Electronics

Delta Electronics Group is a multi-billion dollar global company and the world’s leading producer of power supplies for the top names in industrial, medical and consumer electronics devices. For more than 40 years, Delta Electronics has been a well regarded and trusted ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) partner by many top tier companies on the Fortune® 500 list. In 2008, Delta Electronics introduced its own brand of standard power supply units (PSU) which offer customers the same world class technology and quality that Delta’s ODM partners demand.

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Amplon R Series Product Overview