Din Rail DC-UPS Module – CliQ M Series

The CliQ M DC-UPS modules comprise of 24 V 10 A, 20 A and 40 A output models. They offer a 150% power boost function at both main operation mode and battery operation mode. The products offer a wide input voltage from 18-30 V and a wide operating temperature range from -30°C to +70°C. The DC-UPS modules come with potential free contacts for battery management signals and LED indicator for battery status. The battery temperature protection will stop charging/buffering the battery under low and high temperature conditions to extend battery life.


  • Full corrosion resistant aluminium casing
  • Suitable for 24 V system
  • Built-in diagnostic monitoring for Battery Ready, Buffering and Replace Battery by relay contacts
  • LED indicator for Battery Ready, Battery Fail, DC Input, Battery Reverse Polarity and Battery Buffering
  • Selectable Charging Current
  •  Selectable Buffering Time to prevent battery over discharge
  •  Battery temperature protection to extend battery life
  •  Conformal coating on PCBAs to protect against common dust and chemical pollutants


Model Information

ModelI/P VoltageO/P VoltageO/P Current


Delta Electronics

Delta Electronics Group is a multi-billion dollar global company and the world’s leading producer of power supplies for the top names in industrial, medical and consumer electronics devices. For more than 40 years, Delta Electronics has been a well regarded and trusted ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) partner by many top tier companies on the Fortune® 500 list. In 2008, Delta Electronics introduced its own brand of standard power supply units (PSU) which offer customers the same world class technology and quality that Delta’s ODM partners demand.

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DRU-24VxxAMN Product Datasheet