Elec& Eltek one of the pioneers of wireless power technology have a wide range of medium power Qi wireless coils.


  • Medium Power 15W wireless power coils
  • Options for 10W and 30W variants
  • Low resistance and low temperature rise
  • High efficiency, designed for wireless power applications
  • Custom shapes and alternate dimensions available
  • Extended operating temperature range available.
  • RoHS and REACH compliant

Model Information

(uH typ)
Y31-60102FCoil Module-TPR#MP1A11.5
Y31-60069FCoil Module-TPR#MP1B33.6
Y31-60258FCoil Module-TPR#MP1C15.4
Y31-70034F-1Coil Module-TPR#MP344.0
Y31-60053FCoil Module-MP-A1,MP-A724.0
Y31-60159FCoil Module -MP-A210.0
Y31-60177FCoil Module -MP-A310.1
 Y31-60183FCoil Module-MP-A48.9
 Y31-60152FCoil Module -MP-A510.0
 Y31-60240FCoil Module -MP-A611.3
Y31-60224FHCoil Module -MP-A88.5/7.5
Y31-60243FCoil Module -MP-A910.2/9.8
Y31-60082FCoil Module -MP-A1012.5
Y31-60081FCoil Module -MP-A116.3
Y31-60037FCoil Module -MP-A1312.5/11.5
Y31-60215FCoil Module -MP-B16.0
Y31-60154FCoil Module -MP-(Tx)-10W9.0
 Y31-60155FCoil Module -MP-(Rx)-10W7.0
 Y31-60058FCoil Module -Tx -30W9.8
Y31-60059FCoil Module -Rx-30W7.2
 Y31-60214FCoil Module -Rx8.0
Y31-60217FHCoil Module -Rx7.3
 Y31-60226FCoil Module -Rx8.2




Manufacturer of magnetic components, transformers, noise filters and common mode chokes. The Elec&Eltek product line includes filtered connectors and power-over-Ethernet connectors plus magnetics that are specified on reference designs for wireless charging circuits for use with consumer electronic products. They also offer a wide range of automotive specific products for EV charging and on-vehicle requirements.

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Medium Power Standard Range Qi Coils