Elec& Eltek one of the pioneers of wireless power technology have a wide range of low power Qi wireless coils.


  • Low Power 5W wireless power coils
  • WPC “A” and “B” series Tx coils available.
  • High efficiency, designed for wireless power applications
  • Custom shapes and alternate dimensions available
  • Extended operating temperature range available.
  • RoHS and REACH compliant

Model Information

Part NoTypeInductance
(uH typ)
Y31-60014FCoil Module -Tx (A1,A9)24.0
Y31-60033FCoil Module-Tx(A5)6.3
Y31-60037FCoil Module-Tx(A6,A13,A34)12.5/11.5
Y31-60053FCoil Module-Tx(A10)24.0
Y31-60055FCoil Module-Tx (A11)6.3
Y31-60082FCoil Module -Tx (Single A6)12.5
Y31-60054FCoil Module-Tx(A6,A13,A34)12.5/11.5
Y31-60144FCoil Module -Tx(A7)14.5
Y31-60081FCoil Module-Tx (A11)6.3
Y31-60091FCoil Module -Tx (A12)7.0
Y31-60107FCoil Module-Tx (A19)12.5/11.5
Y31-60113FCoil Module -Tx (A20,A30,A31)24.0
Y31-60131FCoil Module-Tx (A22,A23)19.0
Y31-60132FCoil Module -Tx (A24)6.1
Y31-60133FCoil Module -Tx(A25)6.1
Y31-60134FCoil Module-Tx (A26)6.3
Y31-60117FHCoil Module-Tx (A27)24.0
Y31-60140FCoil Module -Tx(A28)6.9/6.4
Y31-60152FCoil Module -Tx (A29)9.8
Y31-60008FCoil Module-Tx(B1)8.6-9.62
Y31-60027FCoil Module-Tx(B3)11.15-13.25
Y31-60126FCoil Module-Tx(B4)8.0 -9.2
Y31-60127FCoil Module-Tx(B5)8.0-9.2
Y31-60104FHCoil Module-Tx(B6)6.5/5.5
Y31-60215FCoil Module-Tx(B7)6.0
Y31-60018FCoil Module -Rx(a)15.3
Y31-60016F-1Coil Module -Rx(b)23.8
Y31-60019FCoil Module-Rx(c)33.3
Y31-60020FCoil Module -Rx(d)220.0
Y31-60048F-1Coil Module -Rx(e)12.0
Y31-60080FCoil Module-TPR#216.5
Y31-70044FCoil Module-TPR#5,#611.1



Manufacturer of magnetic components, transformers, noise filters and common mode chokes. The Elec&Eltek product line includes filtered connectors and power-over-Ethernet connectors plus magnetics that are specified on reference designs for wireless charging circuits for use with consumer electronic products. They also offer a wide range of automotive specific products for EV charging and on-vehicle requirements.

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