Ultra compact, high performance, high voltage products from HVM Technology added to portfolio

by | Jul 1, 2015 | HVM Technology, Press release

Luso Electronics has been chosen as a European distributor for US based HVM Technology, a manufacturer of miniature multi-output high voltage products.

HVM Technology (HVM which signifies ‘High Voltage Microelectronics’) focuses its production on compact military-spec high voltage power converters, complex high voltage systems for mass spectrometers used by laboratories, night vision power supplies and Photo Multiplier Tubes (PMT) with a variety of plug-in bases, among other products.

Ryan Saldana, VP Sales and Marketing, HVM Technology, commented: “To maximise growth opportunities in the European market for miniature multi-output high voltage products, HVM Technology sought a specialist partner with a dedicated focus in this field. Luso Electronics was the natural choice to partner us given they can understand our customers’ challenges. With its extensive experience and electronics design expertise, our sales and support throughout Europe will be greatly boosted.”

In terms of high voltage DC/DC converters, HVM Technology’s produces five separate product families geared towards popular customer requirements. The ECHV Series are economical and versatile modules ideal for small, portable, high performance equipment requiring high voltage biasing. The UMHV Series are ultra-miniature single-output converters supplying up to 5kV in 0.125 cubic inches. The nHV Series are single-output regulated high voltage converters supplying up to 2kV in ultra small casing (.45″L x .35″W x .37″H). The SMHV Series are sub-miniature single-output, fully regulated converters supplying up to 10kV @1W in just 0.434 cubic inches while the ECHV-R Series are economical and versatile high voltage converters perfectly suited for small, portable, high performance equipment requiring high voltage biasing.

HMV Technology also delivers products that go beyond simple single-output high voltage modules, offering bespoke solutions to exactly fit customers’ needs. In most cases, tailored high voltage designs involve the creation of multiple high voltage outputs, high speed switching and polarity reversal, voltage amplifying, feedback and control loops.


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