Luso Electronics introduces Qualstar’s new N2Power-branded XL270 family of AC-DC modules that provide significantly more power in an ultra-compact 2×4 inch (50.8 x 101.6mm) package than comparable solutions available in the market.

The XL270 Series constitutes single output combinations of 12V, 24V, 30V, 48V and 56V models, but other voltage options in this range are easily attainable. These high power density supplies are optimised for power hungry broadcast, storage and networking products and can also be an ideal solution for many applications in the industrial, gaming and instrumentation markets.

The XL270 is the first power supply in this class to use two digital signal processors (DSPs) to control its operation. The DSPs monitor output voltage and current along with transformer temperature, among other values. The microcontroller shuts down main output upon command, loss of input power or whenever excessive loads advanced warning of an impending shutdown before output power is lost. With over 100,000 lines of internal code, the XL270 can be modified via software to meet specific OEM needs reinforcing its versatility to product designers.

The XL270 can be configured as an open frame unit, with a U-channel or an enclosed chassis.  Features include up to a 93% efficiency rating, increased power density (>22 watts per square inch), withstanding up to 2G vibrations.

An optional PMBus digital communications interface is available to allow up to six XL270s to communicate over the same bus using the PMBus protocol. This interface allows routine remote control of the main outputs and the 12V fans. The host can also query the DSP for its output voltage and current plus the ambient and transformer temperatures and fan tachometer speed. The programmable DSP code can be customised to meet unique requirements.

With a 3-year standard warranty, certifications for the XL270 series include CE, UL/cUL; IEC 69050-1 (2nd Edition) am1, am2; EN 60950-1:2006 /A11:2009 /A1:2010 /A12:2011/ A2:2013; UL 60950-1 (2nd Edition) and RoHS II.

N2Power’s XL270 power supplies are available for purchase in the UK and Ireland from Luso Electronics and samples are available for evaluation or qualification.