Qi Wireless Coils

Considerations when choosing a coil for a wireless charging application

When choosing a coil for a wireless charging application, there are several factors you should consider, our specialists advise accordingly: Coil Type: There are generally two types of coils used in wireless charging applications: transmitter (TX) coils and receiver (RX) coils. TX coils are used in the charging station or pad, while RX coils [...]

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MP-19A Coils Increase Efficiency in Wireless Power Applications

Elec&Eltek Magnetic Products Ltd ( EEMPL) have announced that they are now supporting the MP-19A standard for Qi Wireless Power Coils. These are to the recent new Qi standard and Darren Simmons of EEMPL advises that they are again taking the lead and being first to market with this variant. The MP-19A version has [...]

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