30W 1″ x 1″ EN50155 Rail approved dc/dc offers high performance

The RCD30W series is a 30W high-performance DC/DC converter designed for ruggedized railway and industrial applications. It expands upon P-Duke’s railway converter range of 10W to 20W in their compact 1”x1” package. The series has 4:1 input voltage ranges of 9-36V, 18-75V, and 36-160V, which perfectly fits the supply voltages of rolling stock equipment. [...]

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P-Duke add CF rated DC/DC Converters to their medical range

The MPQ60W series is a high-performance CF rated DC/DC converter designed for use in many medical and homecare applications, such as: laser treatment, electrosurgical systems, physiotherapy chairs, medical aesthetic, endoscopic devices, patient monitoring, drug delivery, defibrillation equipment among many others. Due to its low leakage current being less than 4.5μA, these DC/DC converters can [...]

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Wide Input DC/DC Converters designed with rail’s harsh environment in mind

The RHKW/RHDW series from P-Duke are high performance EN51055 approved DC/DC converters with 3000VAC reinforced isolation with 4.5 mm clearance/ creeping distances for safety critical applications. This next generation of board mountable DC/DC converters has been designed especially for the demanding, ruggedized railway and other such industrial applications where harsh conditions are typical. The [...]

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AC/DC units with 130% peak power capability reduce costs

The new AC/DC product series TAD30-P, TAD65-P, and TAD125 can provide high peak power to meet needs of temporary high load situations in industrial and communication applications, such as electric tools, electric beds/chairs, printers, and other electric motor powered equipment. The new series provide a flexible combination of electrical and thermal performance, that provide [...]

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Wide Input Range 150&200W ½ brick EN50155 Rail DC/DC Converters

P-Duke have increased their range of application specific rail products by adding 2 families of 150W and 200W 1/2 brick industry standard  footprint DC/DC converters. HAE150U and HAE200U are specifically designed to cope with the harsh environment found in railway applications. They have an ultra-wide 10:1 input voltage range from 16V to 160V which [...]

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Wide input 60W EN50155 rail approved dc/dc family adds to P-Duke Rail Range

P-Duke have announced the latest addition to their RED family of EN50155 approved dc/dc converters RED60W is a DC/DC power converter suitable for the harsh environment of railway applications. It has an input voltage range of 4:1 and with a variety of wide input ranges cover all the input power systems of railway applications. [...]

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