optoelectronic and gas sensor sockets

High Reliability Gas Sensor Sockets for Alphasense Gas Sensors from Andon

Andon's range of high reliability gas sensor sockets for Alphasense Gas Sensors are now available from Luso Electronics. These sockets enable engineers to cost effectively protect, test and assemble their products incorporating gas sensors. Soldering the socket onto the PCB and plugging in the sensor afterwards helps to eliminate ESD damage, and those caused [...]

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Optoelectronic and gas sensor sockets from Andon deliver higher reliability

Andon's portfolio of optoelectronic and gas sensor sockets for customers in the UK and Ireland is now available from Luso Electronics. Leading OEMs and contract manufacturers can solder such sockets  rather than the sensor onto a PCB to avoid production line electrostatic discharge (ESD) problems as well as exposure to high temperature soldering and cleaning [...]

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Andon franchise adds reliable IC sockets, adapters and board-to-board interconnects to Luso’s portfolio

Luso Electronics has secured exclusive UK distribution of Andon's competitively priced, high quality sockets and interconnects. Headquartered in the US with an ISO 9001 production facility, Andon manufactures IC sockets, adapters, board-to-board interconnects and contact/terminal products. Besides stock products in large or small volumes, Andon can also deliver bespoke interconnect solutions, which Luso can help [...]

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