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Compact, high efficiency industrial and medical power supplies and configurable power solutions added to Luso’s portfolio

Luso Electronics has  secured UK distribution rights for high input voltage power supplies manufactured by ROAL Electronics, based in Italy and owned by Finland's Efore Group. ROAL manufactures ultra-compact, high efficiency AC-DC; medical power; and modular configurable power solutions designed to minimize heat generation and run at lower temperatures. The modules are capable of operating [...]

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Luso Electronics appoints Roy Bussink as Power Supply Specialist

Luso Electronics announces the appointment of Roy Bussink as UK Power Supply Specialist. Bussink, who has an extensive background in the power supplies sector and over 20 years experience in components, will focus on developing new accounts, delivering high efficiency, reliable power design solutions. Bussink's previous role was as Area Manager at TDK-Lambda responsible for [...]

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Did you know??? Elec&Eltek were one of the pioneers in wireless power technology?

Wireless inductive charging isn't a new technology by any means as anyone who has an electric toothbrush knows, but using this for powering a range of mobile devices is now beginning to take hold. Back in the early days of handheld PDA's, Elec&Eltek provided custom innovative coils to create the inductive coupling effect. Nowadays they [...]

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Luso introduces N2Power ultra-small and high-efficiency medically certified power supplies

Luso Electronics announces the availability of Qualstar's N2Power branded ultra-small, high power density and high-efficiency medically certified power modules. The one rack and two rack unit (1U/2U) dimensions, high power density and efficient design (up to 93%) allow customers to use the ML supplies in a convection cooled environment from a -20C to +50 (+70C [...]

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Qi-certified power coils for safe inductive charging of portable consumer devices available

Wireless power transmitter and receiver coil modules from Elec & Eltek (E&E), a leading manufacturer of magnetic components, are now available from Luso Electronics. These small, thin and highly efficient magnetic-induction-coil modules have been designed for use in wireless charging applications for portable electronic devices. There is growing market demand for the ease and safety [...]

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