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AC/DC units with 130% peak power capability reduce costs

The new AC/DC product series TAD30-P, TAD65-P, and TAD125 can provide high peak power to meet needs of temporary high load situations in industrial and communication applications, such as electric tools, electric beds/chairs, printers, and other electric motor powered equipment. The new series provide a flexible combination of electrical and thermal performance, that provide [...]

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Delta add 2kW unit to their IMA Series of Medical and Industrial Power Supplies

Delta Electronics has launched a new 2000W AC/DC medical power supply that can be used in both medical and industrial applications. The IMA 2000W model comes in a compact size at 12.2” x 5” x 1.6” and provides a single 48V output with 5V/4A standby output. This 2kW medical power supply family, starting with [...]

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New Cost Effective Low Profile Panel Mount PSU series from Delta – PMT2

Delta have announced that their PMT2 panel mount power supply series now offers power ratings of 35W, 50W, 75W, 100W, 150W, 350W single output models and a 75W dual output. The single output units offer a wide range of 12V to 48V outputs in the 35-350W models, while the two 75W dual output models are available [...]

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Efore is now Enedo Power

Efore ( what was Roal) has now recently re-branded to Enedo Power. The new company has the same great range of industrial and medical power supplies. With the same technical support from both our engineers and the same factory team which is still based in Italy. The following message from them explains the background behind [...]

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Configurable PSU ideal for Industrial Robotic and Instrumentation Applications

Efore's RCB600 is ideal for many industrial applications that require multiple voltage power inputs such as industrial robots or instrumentation. The RCB600 is a modular, configurable multi-output power solution offering unrivalled performance and flexibility. It is capable of delivering 600W from a 5 × 3” 1U package, and is one of the smallest commercially available [...]

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