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Is Apple adding wireless power to the iPhone a game changer?

Nikola Tesla - one of the pioneers of wireless power. Unless you have been living under a stone this week you will know that on the latest version of the iPhone that Apple have finally added wireless charging to their phones. They are however late to the party as many others have been [...]

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Did you know??? Elec&Eltek were one of the pioneers in wireless power technology?

Wireless inductive charging isn't a new technology by any means as anyone who has an electric toothbrush knows, but using this for powering a range of mobile devices is now beginning to take hold. Back in the early days of handheld PDA's, Elec&Eltek provided custom innovative coils to create the inductive coupling effect. Nowadays they [...]

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Qi-certified power coils for safe inductive charging of portable consumer devices available

Wireless power transmitter and receiver coil modules from Elec & Eltek (E&E), a leading manufacturer of magnetic components, are now available from Luso Electronics. These small, thin and highly efficient magnetic-induction-coil modules have been designed for use in wireless charging applications for portable electronic devices. There is growing market demand for the ease and safety [...]

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