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HVM release SK Series of simple to implement ultra compact 5kV 1W dc/dc

Luso announce that HVM Technology have released the SK Series of miniature single-output, fully regulated DC to DC converters. They supply up to 5kV @1W in an ultra compact package of less than 1 cubic inch and are ideal for many applications, especially those with size constraints. A high impedance programming input makes it [...]

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Miniature high voltage 15kV opto-coupler simplifies design requirements

Luso announce that HVM Technology the specialists in miniature high voltage power converters have released a miniature 15kV Opto-Coupler. The OPTO-150 is a miniature; 15kV rated high voltage opto-coupler which integrates low voltage LED drivers with high voltage photo detector diodes. Typical applications for the OPTO-150 include high voltage switching, high voltage isolation, external [...]

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Bespoke compact high-voltage power module designs for laboratory equipment now available in Europe

Luso Electronics announces the availability of bespoke high-voltage power solutions for UK and European customers seeking to develop highly miniaturised scientific equipment, such as mass spectrometers for use in laboratories and medical centres. Through its partnership with US based HVM Technology, Luso already distributes standard and customised military grade high-voltage power converters and compact [...]

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Ultra compact, high performance, high voltage products from HVM Technology added to portfolio

Luso Electronics has been chosen as a European distributor for US based HVM Technology, a manufacturer of miniature multi-output high voltage products. HVM Technology (HVM which signifies 'High Voltage Microelectronics') focuses its production on compact military-spec high voltage power converters, complex high voltage systems for mass spectrometers used by laboratories, night vision power supplies and [...]

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