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94% Efficient power supply offers 340W without forced air cooling

  The DDP460 series of Industrial power supplies with their compact form factor and high efficiency that the marketplace demand, provide up to 460 W of regulated DC power in a 3.0” x 5.0” footprint. The open frame compact package facilitates system integration and thermal management in space constrained and closed environments, thanks also [...]

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Versatile DDP/MDP1200 Series now available

Enedo announces its DDP/MDP1200 FF series of enclosed self-cooled, 1.2kW, multi-purpose Industrial and medical grade AC-DC power supplies are now available from factory stock. Their clever design purposefully integrates high performance, versatility, interoperability and regulatory compliance to fulfil evermore demanding worldwide applications. The built-in Digital Signal Processor (DSP) supports the PMBus™ open standard power [...]

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Efore is now Enedo Power

Efore ( what was Roal) has now recently re-branded to Enedo Power. The new company has the same great range of industrial and medical power supplies. With the same technical support from both our engineers and the same factory team which is still based in Italy. The following message from them explains the background behind [...]

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Configurable PSU ideal for Industrial Robotic and Instrumentation Applications

Efore's RCB600 is ideal for many industrial applications that require multiple voltage power inputs such as industrial robots or instrumentation. The RCB600 is a modular, configurable multi-output power solution offering unrivalled performance and flexibility. It is capable of delivering 600W from a 5 × 3” 1U package, and is one of the smallest commercially available [...]

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Multi-output configurable power supply ideal for many industrial applications.

The RCB600 series of 600W Configurable AC/DC switch mode power supplies are ideal for many applications in various industrial environments. These ultra-compact units are designed for high reliability and efficiency. Configurable and scalable solutions, with tight adherence to current safety regulations ensure a quality solution that meets the exact needs of a wide variety [...]

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Efore add 200W family to their industrial DDP Range

Available now from Luso is the DDP200 series from Efore, adding a 200W family to their popular DDP range of industrial power supplies. Available in 12, 24 and 48 VDC standard output variants, this series of high performance AC/DC power supplies provides up to 200 W of steady output power with moving air, and [...]

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EFORE adds 200W unit to their medical power supply range

Offering 2xMoPP (Means of Patient Protection) protection grade, BF medical appliance compatibility, low earth and touch/patient leakage current requirements and IEC 60601-1-2 4th edition and EMC immunity standards, the New MDP 200 adds a 200W unit to the Efore range which now covers from 200W to 1200W. The MDP200 is a high efficiency power [...]

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Luso opens UK configuration centre for assembly of Enedo power supplies

Luso Electronics, the UK distributor of Enedo Power branded power supplies  has opened a factory-certified configuration centre to enable customers to easily access the configurable RCB series of high input voltage power supplies. Luso will assemble and ship customised power supply orders within 48-hours and, in most cases, modified units will be dispatched the same [...]

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